DNA Aptamer, Specifically Capture and Interact
to Target Site of Antioxidants
Aptamin®, another DNA Aptamer that the intellectual property rights
registered and owned by Nexmos is actively, and stably delivering
antioxidant and maximizing (boost) the efficacies via ROS removal, and
unexpectable synergy effects of DNA itself

ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species)Scavenger Boosting System

ROS Scavenger Boosting Aptamer is an Antioxidant Complexed DNA Aptamer that delivers specific antioxidants into cells in an active form (Active Delivery), and maximizes antioxidant effects removing harmful ROS. Innovative DNA Complex to achieve (Boosting Effect).


Limit of Antioxidant material

easily deployed by UV, humidity, pH, air, temperature

Removal ROS with Aptamin®

to reduce oxidative stress and keep cells safe

ROS Scavenger Boosting System

  • Active Delivery

    By forming target antioxidants and complexes, the drug is delivered in active form to cells in the body when administered to the human body as well as enhancing chemical stability in vitro.

  • ROS Scavenger

    At the cellular level, active antioxidants are continuously released from the complex to remove harmful free radicals generated during metabolic processes in the body

  • Effect Boosting

    Maximize the efficacy by the synergy between DNA itself and target antioxidants